News Bulletin 28 - Vision 3 - North and South Overview

Ancient News March 16, 2020

It is clear from the writings of late statesman Daniel that even he, an expert on symbolism and imagery, appeared to be stumped by the vision of his that we will tackle today.

Daniel saw events occurring from the time before Christ’s time on earth, until His second coming. These events were described as wars between kings of the North and kings of the South. At first, these were earthly battles, but as time went on, their nature turned out to be more to do with truth and error within Christianity, between the papal powers and Christ’s ministry. Some scholars even cite a correlation with Daniel’s first vision, following the same powers from Persia to Greece to Rome, and how ultimately the little horn grew large, depicting papal rule. Despite his best efforts, Daniel couldn’t grasp these future events and was told to seal up the book for the events in it concerned the time of the end.

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