Map of the Seventh-Day Adventist Trans-European Division

The Trans-European Division (TED), which encompasses 22 countries, was first organized in 1928, and last reorganized in 2012.

Europe is the world’s second-smallest continent by landmass, covering only about 2 percent of the Earth’s surface. In terms of population, however, it is the third-largest continent (after Asia and Africa) with a population of some 733 million, or about eleven percent of the world’s population.

Amid a population of about 205 million within the TED, there are about 87,000 Seventh-day Adventist members worshiping in 1,300 churches. 

This is also a very diverse region with a majority of the population living in highly secularized countries.  Even in countries where the religious culture is still strongly orthodox or Muslim, a secularized view of the world is still increasingly predominant.

Within this context, Adventist church members are still passionate about sharing their faith.  While traditional evangelistic methods are not as effective as in the past, pastors and lay-members work together to seek ways to impact the lives of those around them.  This includes Centers of Influence, health and family program, and outward looking Pathfinder program and a myriad of seed-sowing projects that, with the active involvement of lay-members, leads to church planting, growth and revival.