Map of the Seventh-Day Adventist Euro Asia Division

The Euro-Asia Division spans 11 time zones across northern Asia.

Adventists worship at almost 2,000 churches across the region, which is comprised of 13 countries.

By population, Euro-Asia is the second smallest of the denomination’s 13 world divisions. In a population of about 280 million it has about 140,000 church members, more than 45 percent of whom live in Ukraine.

In Russia, the division operates Zaoksky Adventist Seminary, located about 80 miles south of Moscow.

The Adventist Church in Euro-Asia has emerged from years of strict Communist rule. Beyond church membership growth, the Adventist Church has been able to establish schools, a publishing house and a media center.

In March of 2013 Hope Channel Ukraine was launched, giving the Seventh-day Adventist Church its fourth full-time satellite channel in Europe.