Our Church

Church is not about having four walls and a pulpit. It is about living in harmony as the body of Christ. This means each church member loves, respects and values the other members, realizing that just as different organs make up the body, so different members are needed to form the Church. Sure, we’ll disagree sometimes, and from time to time, even the closest families have some friction. That’s where Christian love and patience come in. As Christians we have the privilege to model for the world how God calls us to live in a caring, compassionate community. Here’s to a happy family with Jesus at the center!

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Who are Seventh-day Adventists?

Did you recently meet an Adventist? Maybe you saw an ad for an event at a local Adventist church, or drove by one of the denomination’s schools or hospitals. You may have just heard the word “Adventist” somewhere and want to find more about what it means.  Seventh-day Adventists are a global family of Christians…

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World Church

Seventh-day Adventists can truly be regarded as a worldwide family of Christian believers. The Adventist presence manifests itself in nearly every country of the globe. The church is served through its administration of 13 world divisions and two attached fields. No matter where you find a Seventh-day Adventist believer, you will find them adhering to…

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Need to find a Seventh-day Adventist organization of a certain type? Wondering which ministries are operating near you? Use the following directories to search for up-to-date information on churches, schools, hospitals, bookstores, libraries, ministry organizations, universities, administrative offices, missions, orphanages, radio stations and more.

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The General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics and Research publishes useful statistics on the growth and activities of the Adventist Church and its institutions.

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The Seventh-Day Adventist Logo in color


In order for Seventh-day Adventist churches and the thousands of Adventist institutions and entities to be clearly recognized worldwide, it is very important for them all to share the same visual branding and identity. This avoids confusion and helps facilitate quick identification. Click here for visual identity guidelines and official logo information.

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