Adventist Online Directory & Yearbook

Need to find a Seventh-day Adventist organization of a certain type? Wondering which ministries are operating near you?

Use the following directories to search for up-to-date information on churches, schools, hospitals, bookstores, libraries, ministry organizations, universities, administrative offices, missions, orphanages, radio stations and more.


The Seventh-day Adventist Church conducts its activities through ecclesiastical organizations (such as local churches, local conferences and missions, unions, divisions and the General Conference) and a wide array of other entities and corporations established for specific functions aligned with the Church’s beliefs, values and mission. The Yearbook (including the online version) presents information on entities,…

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globe sitting on a table indicating that the seventh day adventist church's directory has institutions and entities throughout the world

Online Directory

The Adventist Organizational Directory provides an organizational locator and standard reference for Adventist organizations and entities worldwide. This database differs from the Adventist Yearbook in that the Yearbook does not contain local churches and schools and information in the Yearbook is updated only once a year. (Only basic contact information can be updated via the…

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