Digging Deeper into the Bible

Understanding the Bible is the key to finding freedom, healing and hope in Jesus. If you feel there has to be more to life than meets the eye, that there is deeper meaning to be found than what popular culture offers, consider studying the Bible with us. God wants you to live up to your full potential. Take the first step here!

Three friends sitting in front of thier own bibles with their hands joined in prayer


My God loves without restraint… Many have tried to determine what constitutes the essential human endeavor. For some it is to be known and for others it is to be loved. For many it is to make a lasting mark on the world so that the impact of ones life continues to have significance. At…

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A man in a circle with friends reading from his bible.


God's Continuing Conversation Globalization and increased means of travel make it easier for loved ones to live apart from each other. Long distance relationships are on the rise, be it partners stationed overseas for work or a child moving interstate to study. Unsurprisingly, Skype has become one of the most popular Internet tools in the…

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The Sabbath – Then and Now

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxzO5XNGMeI Sometimes we just need a day off. A 24-hour period in which we don’t have to think about work or other worries and stressors of life.  Fortunately, God knew this and planned for it even as far back as His creation of this world. The Sabbath was established by God after He made the…

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young woman with hopes of understanding the bible

Understanding The Bible: How to Study It

Discover the answers to life’s deepest questions when you equip yourself with the right tools and support for a successful, enriching Bible study.

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