News Bulletin 30 - Daniel’s Relationship to God

Ancient News March 16, 2020

We have come to the end of the late Daniel’s writings. We assume he rested in death shortly after these writings were completed, around the age of 90, with God’s blessing and his promise of eternal life when Jesus returns. He certainly was a faithful servant of YAHWEH.

It has been an exciting journey along with our Babylonian Correspondent, Glenn Stone, and our Ancient History Correspondent, James Smith. They have helped us see into both the past and the future, thanks to Daniel’s visions and dreams.

It was interesting to follow the highlights of Daniel’s story, from his exile as a youth to his escapades with his friends. We learned about their special diet, their studies, and the fiery furnace. It was fascinating to hear about the mad king, Nebuchadnezzar and the dreams through which God communicated with him. The writing on the wall for Belshazzar, as well as the story of Darius and the horrific Lion’s Den incident, had us at the edge of our seats. It seems that it was in his exile that God was best able to use Daniel as a witness to a Godly life. And it was in his retirement that he had time to receive these important messages from God regarding world history, and particularly the end times.

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