News Bulletin 21 - Vision 2 - Overview & Ram

Ancient News March 9, 2020

As we progress through the writings of the late statesman and dream specialist, Daniel, we notice a pattern. This pattern concerns the same period of history being explained in different ways. Up to now, we’ve seen that Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the statue in Daniel chapter two, follows the same progression of historical powers as Daniel’s dream in chapters six to eight. Today we discover yet another vision that Daniel had and wrote about. It is another prophetic episode which he referred to as a vision. We wonder whether these will reveal a similar pattern.

It involved different aggressive animals and enough violence to have earned at least a PG rating if it were a movie today. The record of the vision was discovered after his death.

This particular vision starts out with Daniel finding himself in the city of Susa which will become the Persian capital. A ram then appears with two long horns, one of which is slightly longer than the other.

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