Seventh-day Adventist World Church Statistics 2014

Statistics June 25, 2015

Churches, Companies, Membership

Churches 78,810
Companies 69,213
Church Membership 18,479,257
Total Accessions 1,091,222
Baptisms 1,057,645
Professions of Faith 33,577
Ordained Ministers, Active 18,846
Total Active Employees 260,181

Mission to the World

Countries and Areas of the World as Recognized by the United Nations 237
Countries and Areas of the World in Which Seventh-day Adventist Work is Established 216
Languages Used in Seventh-day Adventist Publications and Oral Work 947
Divisions 13
Union Conferences 60
Union Missions 59
Union of Churches Conferences 9
Union of Churches Missions 4
Local Conferences 348
Local Missions 278

Educational Program

Total Schools 7,579
Tertiary Institutions 114
Worker Training Institutions 44
Secondary Schools 2,050
Primary Schools* 5,371
Total Enrollment 1,807,693
Tertiary Institutions 134,091
Worker Training Institutions 5,545
Secondary Schools 581,173
Primary Schools 1,086,884

(*Incomplete reporting in 2013)

Food Industries

Food Industries 21

Healthcare Ministry

Hospitals and Sanitariums 173
Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers 126
Clinics and Dispensaries 294
Orphanages and Children’s Homes 34
Airplanes and Medical Launches 7
Outpatient Visits 18,052,715

(Note: Incomplete reporting of healthcare institutions’ statistics in some divisions.)

Media Centers

Media Centers 15

Publishing Work

Publishing Houses and Branches 63
Literature Evangelists, Credentialed and Licensed 5,864
Languages Used in Publications 366

Contributions In US Dollars

Tithe $2,314,826,002
Tithe per Capita $134.72
Sabbath School Mission Offerings $73,275,709
Ingathering $9,189,884
Total Tithe and Offerings $3,276,600,259
Total Tithe and Offerings per Capita $190.69

(Note: 2012 Figures)


Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)

Countries and Areas of the World Where ADRA is Present more than 130
Total Projects Funded 1,007
Beneficiaries of Projects 21,696,545
Total Value of Aid $291,556,608