God’s Continuing Conversation

Globalization and increased means of travel make it easier for loved ones to live apart from each other. Long distance relationships are on the rise, be it partners stationed overseas for work or a child moving interstate to study.

Unsurprisingly, Skype has become one of the most popular Internet tools in the world. In May last year, the company announced a milestone: 35 million concurrent users on Skype—a mere week after announcing a milestone of 34 million users.

When it comes to the people we love, we want to keep in touch, regardless the distance. While Seventh-day Adventists believe prophecy is a “prediction of what will happen in the future,” 1 we also know that it has to do with much more—it has to do with God’s deep desire to stay in contact with the people He loves—us.

Throughout history, God used prophets to provide His beloved children with comfort, guidance, instruction and correction. When they lost their way, He sent “prophets to the people to bring them back to him.”2 When they started to despair, He sent prophets to encourage.3 And when they needed someone to talk to, God listened and replied through his prophets. 4

God’s prophets are His messengers, appointed to speak His words. 5 Our human nature made it impossible to for us to see God face-to-face. But just because we have to keep our distance does not mean He must remain silent.

Adventists believe prophecies are God’s way of continuing his conversation with us. And ultimately, “it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus” 6, the epitome of God’s message of love—that He would die for us to save our souls.

Seventh-day Adventist World Church Statistics 2020

Churches, Companies, Membership Summary of Statistics as of September 30, 2020 Churches 92,186 Companies 72,749 Church Memberships 21,760,076 Total Accessions 562,056 Summary of Statistics as of Decem…

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One Humanity: A Human Relations Statement Addressing Racism, Casteism, Tribalism, and Ethnocentrism

VOTED, To adopt the statement, “One Humanity: A Human Relations Statement Addressing Racism, Casteism, Tribalism, and Ethnocentrism,” which reads as follows: One Humanity: A Human Relations Statement…

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Seventh-day Adventist World Church Statistics 2018

Churches, Companies, Membership Summary of Statistics as of December 31, 2018 Churches 88,718 Companies 72,843 Church Membership 21,414,779 Total Accessions 1,383,427 Baptisms 1,262,998 Former Members…

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Statement on the Biblical View of Unborn Life and Its Implications for Abortion

VOTED, To adopt the document, Statement on the Biblical View of Unborn Life and Its Implications for Abortion, which reads as follows: Statement on the Biblical View of Unborn Life and Its Implication…

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Mission Statement of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Our Mission Make disciples of Jesus Christ who live as His loving witnesses and proclaim to all people the everlasting gospel of the Three Angels’ Messages in preparation for His soon return (Matt 28:…

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Seventh-day Adventist World Church Statistics 2016, 2017

Churches, Companies, Membership Summary of Statistics as of December 31, 2017 Churches 86,576 Companies 71,758 Church Membership 20,727,347 Total Accessions 1,352,931 Mission to the World Summary of O…

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Statement on Transgenderism

The increasing awareness of the needs and challenges that transgender men and women experience and the rise of transgender issues to social prominence worldwide raise important questions not only for…

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“Please Pray”

I’ve been bamboozled, I thought to myself as I stepped into my boyfriend’s new house. Th…

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Seventh-day Adventist World Church Statistics 2015

Churches, Companies, Membership Summary of Statistics as of December 31, 2015 Churches 81,552 Companies 69,909 Church Membership 19,126,438 Total Accessions 1,260,880 Mission to the World Summary of O…

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Amazing God-man

Essence of the gospel, core of our mission

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Celebrating Creation

God’s work is beyond fantastic, beyond incredible!

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The Third Person

The most neglected Gift in the Christian church

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man giving blood as an act of service

He Gave His Blood

I walked around the corner to the benches outside the lab, and sitting there was a thin but strong A…

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Someday She’ll Know You

I was embarrassed at first when my friends came over. Mom would ask them the same questions again an…

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How to be a Happy Christian

Abraham Lincoln famously observed that “most people are about as happy their minds to be.&#822…

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Have we Given up on Giving Up?

Two thousand years ago God gave us more than we could ever give back.

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Editorial: More than a god of the gaps

At times I have wondered about the role God plays in the world—where can we see Him at work? People…

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Spiritual Gifts and Ministries

Let’s read 1 John 4:4:  “You, dear children, are from God and have overco…

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Saturated With Meaning

The Lord’s Supper gets to the heart of our Christian walk.

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Being Part of God’s Family

A reflection on what it means to be the church

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Christianity and the Church in the twenty-first century

Some time ago, I was asked to be the guest speaker at the annual gathering of a local chapter of a n…

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Decide the Side

Did you know the first battle ever fought occurred in heaven and continues on earth today? Every per…

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The Great Controversy

For thousands of years, philosophers and other thinkers have tried to offer a satisfactory explanati…

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Our Unfortunate Inheritance

Seth Pierce Investigates what causes us to do things like fudge on our taxes or treat people badly.

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They Never Said, “I Love You”

It was a rare occasion when your mother hugged you or showed you any affection. And if there were an…

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family reading the bible together for worship

Even You Can Have Family Worship

When Paul and Abbie’s first child, Jessica, was about 6 months old, they began to wonder about…

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Reclaiming Intimacy

The early days of marriage are nearly always filled with intoxicating feelings of romance, desire, a…

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Protect Your Kids Online

Audrey Campbell is the media center director at Rogers Adventist School in College Place, Washington…

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In God’s Image

It makes a huge difference to realize our full potential.

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Come Join the Celebration

I love parties. Celebrating good times and accomplishments with people I cherish gives me great plea…

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gravesite with flowers waiting for the great day of Jesus' return

Great Day Coming

God gives hope 
for the dark times

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Reading Ellen White in the 21st Century

What are we to make of a writer who advised women to shorten their dresses eight inches in a world i…

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Favorite Child

Dealing with Fairness in the Home

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Get your Kids Moving

I look back fondly on my school days when every possible minute before school, at lunchtime, and dur…

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Play Time: Tips to get your children active

While we think of childhood as a time for play, most kids today don’t get enough activity to k…

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Four Lessons From the Potter’s House

Ancient Metaphor Rich with Meaning for Today

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Statement of Confidence in the Writings of Ellen G White

As delegates to the 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas, we express our deep gratitude to God for the continuing presence of the various spiritual gifts among His people (1 Cor 12:4-…

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Resolution on the Holy Bible

As delegates to the 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas, we reaffirm our commitment to the authority of the Bible as the infallible revelation of God and His will. In them, God revea…

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Seventh-day Adventist World Church Statistics 2014

Churches, Companies, Membership Churches 78,810 Companies 69,213 Church Membership 18,479,257 Total Accessions 1,091,222 Baptisms 1,057,645 Professions of Faith 33,577 Ordained Ministers, Active 18,84…

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happy woman reading the word of God

Hungering for The Word

Wonderful experiences in my life will eventually fade. But the word of God remains.

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When Sin Will Be No More

Until then our “stories” can be left safely with Jesus.

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woman overlooking valley with outstretched arms happy for eternal life

Waking Up to Eternity: What the Bible Says About Life After Death

The first funeral I attended was my grandmother’s. I was just a child, and what remained in my memor…

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Happy Ending

One night while I was tucking my 3-year-old son Timothy into bed he said, “I can’t sleep. I’m…

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The Seventh-day Adventist Church places strong emphasis on health and well-being. The Adventist health emphasis is based on biblical revelation, the inspired writing of E.G. White (co-founder of the C…

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elevated close-up view of a doctor handing a new born baby to the mother

Born to Connect

God’s perfect design for families is based on close relationships

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Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind

We knew each other for 19 years before we said yes to each other. We were 5 and 7 years old when we…

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The Heartbeat of Forgiveness

It was an ordinary morning. I got up, washed my face, and quickly downed toast and tea as my mind ra…

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The Delight of Sabbath

When I was 18 (and a nominal Catholic), my confessor told me something surprising. He thought that i…

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Negotiating with the law

Red and blue lights swirled in my rearview mirror. I pulled over, and the helmeted police officer st…

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Seven reasons why I send my child to an Adventist School

1. The teachers will LOVE my child. Christian teachers don’t go into education to make money.…

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Reading Boys

Books for Boys? As I met him at the door to the classroom, he tried to avoid my eyes. “Tim, where’s…

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homeless woman sitting beside shopping cart full of belongings wanting to be helped through the service of The Bridge Foundation

Reaching Arizona’s Homeless Through The Bridge Foundation

By six o’clock Sunday morning, volunteers from The Bridge Foundation are set up and ready to serve s…

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teen girl making a difference through volunteer service

North American Teen Lives to Make a Difference

When Makaela Smith prepared to begin her eighth grade year at Garden Spot Middle School in the U.S.…

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father holding young daughter on sofa thinking about social justice and how he can make a difference

Social Justice, A Christian Duty?

“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead t…

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poor couple in foreign country needing to be helped through the service of others

Public Affairs and Religious Liberty

What can you do to help with public affairs and religious liberty?

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two separate hands symbolizing the separation of church and state relating to religious liberty

Adventists and Religious Liberty

Many have had the “great” experience of driving in your car when, suddenly, behind you blue and red…

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Family in the Phillipines happy for the gift of clean water through the service of seventh day adventist missionaries

Not Forgotten

Roxas City, Philippines – On the hillside of Barangay Siempreviva, a coastal community located in th…

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Eat With Your Kids

These days families are so busy that it’s easy to overlook one of the important events of the day—the family meal. Things get in the way, like job responsibilities, your kids’ involvement in extra-cur…

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Church Anyone?

Why busy moderns (and postmoderns) still need the church

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Consensus Statement on a Seventh-day Adventist Theology of Ordination

In a world alienated from God, the Church is composed of those whom God has reconciled to Himself and to each other. Through the saving work of Christ they are united to Him by faith through baptism (…

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face of young woman with eyes closed having the gift of the spirit of prophecy

The Gift of Prophecy

Another facet of God’s care for His church

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Why the experience of salvation matters

Former rebellious teen explains why the tenth Adventist Fundamental Belief gives him hope

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Why I’m a Creationist

A recent poll by the Gallup Organization showed that 40 percent of Americans believe “God created hu…

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The prayer of last resort

Not long ago, I rode my motorcycle to a luncheon meeting. Upon arriving, I went to the restroom to c…

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Why the Holy Spirit Matters

Sharon Williams explains why she relies on the Holy Spirit

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The Battle Is On

Understanding the Great Controversy

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Family ready to board a plane to travel abroad to participate in a mission service project

It is More Blessed to Give: Maddings on a Mission

When a typical family plans their vacation, some of the first items that make it to the must-have li…

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No.1: The Holy Scriptures

I was eating a very bad breakfast with several friends at a cafe in Louisville, Kentucky. Several di…

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Guidelines for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Responding to Changing Cultural Attitudes Regarding Homosexual and Other Alternative Sexual Practices

VOTED,  To adopt the Guidelines for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Responding to Changing Cultural Attitudes Regarding Homosexual and Other Alternative Sexual Practices, which read as follow…

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Seventh-day Adventist World Church Statistics 2012

Churches, Companies, Membership Churches, December 31, 2012 – 74,299 (as of June 30, 2013 – 75,184) Companies, December 31, 2012 – 67,669 (as of June 30, 2013 – 68,153) Church…

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serious woman standing against domestic violence

Stop Domestic Violence

In light of the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women, the Seventh-day Adventist Chu…

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Relationships with Other Christian Churches and Religious Organizations

To avoid creating misunderstanding or friction in our relationships with other Christian churches and religious organizations, the following guidelines have been set forth: We recognize those agencies…

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Guidelines Church trademarks, such as “Seventh-day Adventist,” “Adventist,” and “Ministry,” may be used only in connection with denominational ministries and non-co…

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If you saw him on the train, he might be the type you’d avoid. Shaved head, tattooed knuckles, inten…

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United for Mission: One Hundred and Fifty Years

From Great Disappointment to General Conference The Millerites firmly believed that Jesus Christ&#82…

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The New Earth Under Construction

On planes I always take a window seat if I can. I stack my bags, buckle up and focus on the land and…

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An Old World Made New

Several months ago, I was chewing on a piece of gum when I felt something in my mouth give way. The…

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The Millenium and the End of Sin

There are sound reasons for the enduring nature of Christianity. The thing that ultimately sets it a…

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old books and hourglass

Making Sense of the Millennium

The millennium is one of the most important Christian beliefs about the end of the world. Revelation…

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man placing red and white roses on a casket of dead loved one

Dead Men Can’t Save You

Once you’re dead, you can’t interact with anyone who’s still alive. It doesn&#8217…

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Three Things You Should Know About Death

It was a normal morning, one like many moms have experienced. She grabbed her keys, ran out the door…

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How long, Lord?

Some time ago I traveled from Spokane, Washington, to New York with my son and my seven-year-old gra…

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What to expect when Jesus returns

I see a sharp contrast between the kind of hope inspired by scientific endeavors like the space shut…

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Christians Aren’t Perfect

Christ’s ministry in the heavenly sanctuary

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Recognizing Heavenly Realities

One of the most meaningful themes of Scripture is the sanctuary. From a historical view, it flows fr…

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Re-sparking the passion

Amy and Alex usually looked forward to their wedding anniversary dinner at their favor restaurant, b…

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Are You Ready for Financial Harmoney

John had fallen hard over Caroline. As far as he was concerned, she was the most amazing person on t…

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“Well Done”

During one of the worst times in history, one of the best examples of Christian behavior emerged. In…

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Sharing God’s Gifts

Stewardship is living the biblical life fully.

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Love in Any Language

Anxiety. Pain. Brokenness. These are just some of the results of sin that we witness every day. Ever…

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The Shepherd and the Steward

A matter of ownership.  Have you ever noticed how emphatically the Good Shepherd claims ownersh…

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Is Saturday the Sabbath?

Most everyone knows the story of Galileo, arguing in the 1600s that the earth moved around the sun,…

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Making Sense of Creation

After completing a degree at Christ’s College, Cambridge, preparing to become a minister, Charles Da…

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