Official Statements


Communication Strategy Commission - Report

VOTED, 1. To accept the Communication Strategy Commission Report as a study document; 2. To request the divisions to place the document under review...


Church-State Relations

Preamble God is love. His rule of this universe is based on the willing obedience of His creation evoked by His magnificent benevolence.[1] Only a...


Strategic Issues for the Seventh-day Adventist Church

VOTED, To approve and refer to each division and the attached union the document, Strategic Issues for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, as follows:...


Human Gene Therapy

Introduction Recent advances in medicine and genetic technology make it possible to treat human disease by altering the genes in cells of the...


Female Genital Mutilation

Introduction As part of their mission to the entire world, Seventh-day Adventists have a firm commitment to provide health care that preserves and...


Ethical Foundations for the General Conference and Its Employees

Our Mission The Seventh-day Adventist Church mission is to proclaim to all peoples the everlasting gospel, in the context of the three angels'...


Our beliefs

Вероубеждения адвентистов седьмого дня охватывают все аспекты жизни человека. Они основаны на Писании, которое представляет нам убедительный портрет Бога. И вы получаете приглашение узнать и лично пережить опыт общения с Тем, кто желает исцелить (восстановить) нас.

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