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The Power of Collaboration

Global conference focuses on issues impacting families, women and children

ted groups. The conference was themed, Reach the World, in line with the Adventist Church’s strategic plan to emphasize the unmet needs within communities around the world. “This event is like a magnifying [...] Review. “The Church needs to understand the latest research available, and the meaning behind the data if we are to effectively grow disciples.” Organizers, emphasizing the conference’s Reach the World motto [...] themselves and the ones they know to the ones they don’t know,” said Small, “to the ones who don’t look like them; the ones who don’t speak their language and whose culture is different. That was the main focus

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FULL TEXT “Cross the Jordan. Don’t Retreat”

Ted N.C. Wilson's sermon from July 11, 2015

records, “When the people set out from the camp to cross over the Jordan, with the priests bearing the ark of the covenant before the people, and as those who bore the ark came to the Jordan, and the feet of [...] us as the Advent message goes like wildfire! In verse 9, Joshua told the people, “Hear the words of the Lord your God.” God promised to drive out the inhabitants of the Promised Land. The next developments [...] forget to “Cross the Jordan and don’t retreat.” Verse 17 says the priests who carried the ark into the middle of the Jordan stayed there until the people had crossed the river. Before the priests left, Joshua

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Adventist leaders promoting first-responder training for domestic violence

Summit next month aims to put trained responder in more congregations

continues as the “EndItNow” Sabbath. Many administrative units in the denomination still heavily promote the issue. Small said the Adventist Church is ahead of other religious organizations in admitting [...] four-day summit next month to continue the denomination’s promotion of abuse awareness, this time focusing on the need for a trained first-responder in local congregations worldwide. The EndItNow Summit [...] summit to go back to their churches and train others to be first responders so we can help people who are being abused.” Her department is co-sponsoring the summit along with the denomination’s North

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2017 The funeral service for Elder Dennis Keith, former Associate Treasurer for the General Conference, will be broadcast live from the GC Headquarters starting at 9:30AM EST. Elder Keith served the GC. [...] for a live stream of Annual Council. Annual Council is the church’s executive committee, the  governing body of the Seventh-day... Ler mais 1 2 Next [...] April 11 & 12, 2017 for a live stream of Spring Meeting. Spring Meeting is the church’s executive committee, the governing body of the Seventh-day Adventist world church between General... Ler mais Annual

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Blessings van, an outreach ministry of the Greater New York Conference’s (GNYC) Adventist Community Services (ACS), was dedicated on Sept. 15, 2018. Officials from the conference,... Ler mais Southwestern Adventist [...] Sierra University Film and Television Production major, recently launched into the world of professional storytelling where she is using her talents to impact others’... Ler mais Pacific Union College partners [...] fuel break to protect the Angwin, California, United States, community of 3,500 residents.... Ler mais Mobile Shower Van to serve New York City’s homeless is dedicated Dec 10, 2018 The Showers of Blessings

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Executive Committee

meetings of the GC Executive Committee when it is held within the territory of their Division.  Spring Meetings Spring Meetings are held annually, usually in the month April (which is springtime in the Northern [...] What is the GC Executive Committee? The second highest governing body of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, after General Conference Session, which occurs every five years. In between Sessions, the Executive [...] Executive Committee is delegated the authority to act on behalf of the General Conference in Session. It has the power to appoint committees, such as the administrative committee, which reviews, changes and

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Questions & Answers

My husband is a good man, but not very... Ler mais What is the process for marriage in the Adventist Church? Jul 20, 2018 Q: What is the process for marriage in the Adventist Church? In the Catholic Church [...] following is a transcript of the sermon that Adventist Church leader Ted N.C. Wilson gave at the 2016... Ler mais ‘Stand for the Right’ Oct 07, 2016 The following is a transcript of the keynote speech that Adventist [...] question, it is helpful to... Ler mais Has General Conference Session voted for the ordination of female elders? Part 2 Jul 27, 2018 Q: Has the General Conference Session voted to approve the ordination

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Sul-Africana-Oceano Índico

Fired for keeping the Sabbath in Mozambique Mar 17, 2018 I grew up in Nampula, Mozambique’s third-largest city where 80 percent of the population is Muslim. I didn’t feel comfortable with the faith of my mother [...] thanks to a partnership project known as the El Nino... Ler mais Bride price, divorce, and leadership in African families Mar 12, 2018 The Adventist Pan-African Conference on Dynamic Family Relations, a milestone [...] together the three Seventh-day Adventist Division on the African subcontinent concluded with an... Ler mais Polygamy, dual career marriages, and African culture among topics at groundbreaking conference in Kenya

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GC 2015 Promo

GC 2015 is a 15 minute daily podcast featuring news and interviews from the Seventh-day Adventist Church's 60th General Conference Session. The podcast will bring you the latest breaking news and be [...] behind-the-scenes stories from the AlamoDome in San Antonio, Texas.

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confidence in the divine revelation and inspiration of the Bible, its authority in the life of the Church and of... Ler mais Resolution on the Spirit of Prophecy Jun 24, 2010 We, the delegates to the 2010 General [...] religious organizations, the following guidelines have been set forth: 1) We recognize those... Ler mais Resolution on the Holy Bible Jun 24, 2010 As delegates to the 2010 General Conference Session in Atlanta [...] General Conference Session in Atlanta, Georgia, acknowledge with gratitude the continuing contribution to the Seventh-day Adventist Church found in the writings and... Ler mais Roadmap for Mission Oct 13

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As crenças dos adventistas do sétimo dia foram criadas para nortear toda a nossa vida. Você está convidado a explorar e observar as escrituras, experimentando e conhecendo Aquele que deseja nos tornar completos.

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