Seventh-day Adventist World Church Statistics 2011

Summary of Statistics as of December 31, 2011

Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Churches, Companies, Membership
Churches 72,144
Companies 67,078
Church Membership 17,479,890
Total Accessions 1,139,000
    Baptisms 1,109,219
    Professions of Faith 29,781
Ordained Ministers, Active 17,530
Total Active Employees 232,168
Mission to the World
Countries and Areas of the World as Recognized by the United Nations 232
Countries and Areas of the World in Which Seventh-day Adventist Work is Established 208
Languages Used in Seventh-day Adventist Publications and Oral Work 927
Divisions 13
Union Conferences 52
Union Missions 57
Union of Churches Conferences 9
Union of Churches Missions 4
Local Conferences 326
Local Missions 274
Educational Program
Total Schools 7,883
    Tertiary Institutions 112
    Worker Training Institutions 48
    Secondary Schools 1,908
    Primary Schools 5,815
Total Enrollment 1,750,651
    Tertiary Institutions 136,548
    Worker Training Institutions 8,397
    Secondary Schools 521,041
    Primary Schools 1,084,665
Food Industries 20
Healthcare Ministry
Hospitals and Sanitariums 172
Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers 133
Clinics and Dispensaries 238
Orphanages and Children’s Homes 36
Airplanes and Medical Launches 10
Outpatient Visits 16,088,528
Media Centers 14
Publishing Work
Publishing Houses and Branches 62
Literature Evangelists, Credentialed and Licensed 6,808
Languages Used in Publications 370
Sabbath School Membership (incomplete reporting) 18,703,212
Contributions In US Dollars
Tithe $2,267,603,977
Tithe Per Capita $136.52
Sabbath School Mission Offerings $72,622,887
Ingathering $7,914,514
Total Tithe and Offerings $3,182,472,411
Total Tithe and Offerings Per Capita $191.59
Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA)
Countries and Areas of the World Where ADRA is Involved* 120
Total Projects Funded* 1,537
Beneficiaries of Projects* 20,233,685
Total Value of Aid* $263,948,967
(*Supporting and Implementing)

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