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Former leader of the Adventist Church in South America dies at 75

Leader remembered for having a "clear focus on mission and appreciation of people"

pastor in the territory now known as South Rio Grande Conference. He was ordained to the ministry on January 18, 1967. Nagel worked mainly as a treasurer in the South Rio Grande Conference (Rio Grande do Sul)

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La Division Nord-Américaine

Union College partners with Angwin Community to Protect Against Wildfire 13 Dec 2018 Beginning in January 2019, Pacific Union College (PUC) plans to begin work on an approximately 3-mile shaded fuel break

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from the epidemic. After news from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which projects that by January cases could number between 550,000 to as high as 1.4 million, coupled with a 71 percent fatality

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ANN Video Full Episode - January 19, 2018

This week on ANN...a new criminal code in Bolivia may result in religious liberty restrictions. Adventist leaders petition for prayer and support. ...the Church encourages members to reflect on the fu

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ANN Video Full Episode - January 26, 2018

This week on ANN...U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit rules in favor of former Employees of Kellogg USA. The two lost their jobs when they were assessed of missing too many shifts due to their

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ANN Video Full Episode - January 12, 2018

This week on ANN...the president of the Adventist Church encourages members to move confidently with God in the new year. ...humanitarians deliver food in 2 regions of the Philippines that experi

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This Week in Adventist History - January 5, 2018

This week, learn about a prolific missionary and administrator who served in North America, the caribbean, Asia and Africa.

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