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ANN Video Full Episode - January 15, 2016

week on ANN...the president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Southern Asia-Pacific region passes away at age 56 ... several structures of an Adventist campground in Western Australia are destroyed

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in San Antonio 26 does not change the church’s understanding of the role of women in the life, mission and practice 27 of the church as supported by the Church Manual and outlined in General Conference [...] to All Church Entities and Members from the GCDO RE the 15GCS Vote on Ordination[5].docx Contd Revised 10-08-15tkb PRE/GCDO15AC to TNCW 1 2 172-15G AN APPEAL AND APPRECIATION TO ALL CHURCH 3 [...] Recognizing our differences we express grateful 19 appreciation to church members and entities for their acceptance of the world Church’s decision. 20 21 Re-affirming the Role of Women 22 23 We

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General Conference Session

forum for electing world church officers and voting changes to the church's constitution. Delegates also hear reports from each of the 13 administrative regions of the church. Voting delegates for Session [...] including a president, secretary and treasurer. Today, the same administrative structure remains at all levels of church administration. Battle Creek was the site of 26 of the first 31 GC Sessions. The [...] Session represent world regions both by church population and the self-sustainability of administrative regions. The constitution states that at least 50 percent of delegates shall be laypersons, pastors

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Executive Committee

including young adults.  Three laypersons and one church pastor from each division without regard to membership size up to 500,000, One additional church pastor or other frontline denominational employee [...] What is the GC Executive Committee? The second highest governing body of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, after General Conference Session, which occurs every five years. In between Sessions, the Executive [...] reviews, changes and creates working policies to approve strategic plans and programs for the world Church, to employ personnel that may be necessary to execute its work effectively; Elect or remove, for

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18-19 Church Manual Committee, 17 Church member. See Members, church Church membership. See Membership, church Church Outreach Sabbath, 122 Church plant, into company status, 37 Church record [...] Authority of local church, 115 of the Church as a whole civil cases outside, 60-61 principles on, 58 of church board, 54, 77 of church business meeting, 128 of church employees listed, 31-34 [...] association, 95 school (see School) structure of, 86-87 uniting with another church, 39 See also Company of members; Conference church; Union of churches Church Manual authority/function of, 16-17

Referenced at: Church Manual

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Nuestras creencias

Las creencias adventistas tienen el propósito de impregnar toda la vida. Surgen a partir de escrituras que presentan un retrato convincente de Dios, y nos invitan a explorar, experimentar y conocer a Aquel que desea restaurarnos a la plenitud.

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