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How your church works: What is the General Conference Administrative Committee and what is Its role in decision making?

It stands for the General Conference (GC) Administrative Committee (ADCOM), a committee of approximately 58 (46 members and 12 invitees) leaders that generally meets weekly at the world headquarters [...] highest governing organization outside of the General Conference in Session. When and why was GC ADCOM established? GC ADCOM, in its current form, was established on October 10, 1991 by [...] on and Bylaws, etc.) pass through GC ADCOM, which sends it on for review to the General Conference and Division Officers (GCDO). It is then sent to the GC Executive Committee for discussion and vote. Most

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Adventist Church helps secure asylum status for Iranian student in the U.S.

The women was first introduced to Adventism while studying abroad; she was baptized while in graduate school in the U.S.

faith. The member assured her that the Church has ways to help through the Office of General Counsel at the General Conference, the headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland [...] themselves unable to get to a country where they could seek asylum,” said McFarland. The Office of General Counsel made a case for her asylum by laying out the conditions of her native country. Evidence [...] know the Church takes issues of religious discrimination seriously,” said Todd McFarland, associate general counsel of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. “The Church is protecting members who may face consequences

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Adventists among National Honors recipients in Jamaica

Jamaica’s Independence Day on Aug. 6, 2018, were presented to them by His Excellency, the Governor General of Jamaica, the Most Honorable Patrick Allen at Kings House on National Heroes Day, in Kingston, [...] outstanding contribution to religion, while Elder Barnes received the Order of Distinction in rank of Officer for contribution to the Ministerial Fraternity and to Social Development, Welfare and Philanthropy [...] more than 33 years in pastoral ministry. Over this period, he has served in the Central Jamaica Conference (CJC) as district pastor and evangelist, youth ministries director, executive secretary and president

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Creation Sabbath celebrates the wonder of God's handiwork

Nathan Greene. The weekend displayed six Creation paintings from a series of seven; the seventh is currently in progress. The afternoon included over 150 children who came for a kids’ program that featured

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Questions on the Document Voted at #GCAC18

ADCOM, the General Conference and Division Officers Committee (GCDO), and finally the GC Executive Committee. Is a Division of the Church a separate entity from the General Conference? No [...] are comprised of conferences (or, in some cases, churches) make up the General Conference. Divisions are not separate constituent organizations but are part of the General Conference itself and therefore [...] Following Sunday’s vote on the document “Regard for and Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions”, many questions have been asked about the meaning of the

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Harmony with the World Church

Background given for voted document

On Sunday, October 14, the General Conference (GC) Executive Committee approved a document, Regard for and Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions [...] harmony with the policies of the General Conference and of the divisions respectively. B 15 15 Officers/Administrators to Work in Harmony with Policy —Officers and administrators are expected to [...] Document is Legal Following Trim’s presentation, Karnik Doukmetzian, general counsel for the General Conference and the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, affirmed that

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Renewed vision of the Society of Adventist Communicators affirms professionals and students

The 29th annual SAC convention focuses on purpose, passion and partnership

Blyden, vice president for strategic communication and public relations for the Columbia Union Conference and editor of the Visitor , tasked the six speakers to share how they communicate God through [...] “Those of us whom God has given voice, whether it’s through an e-newsletter, blog, or if our conferences or unions hired us to do videos, run magazines, whatever avenue God has given us the opportunity [...] not my passion. I’ve struggled with how I can be an effective Adventist, Christian, and person in general [with communication],” said Allen who was encouraged by a mentor to study nursing, but decided against

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Adventist Church presents new ‘I Will Go’ strategic plan

Annual Council delegates approve an updated mission statement.

Council and, if approved, be implemented from the 2020 General Conference Session. “We present this at Annual Council two years before General Conference Session so union presidents can look at it and become [...] draft is the result of many hours of work and is based on a worldwide survey by the General Conference’s Office of Archives, Statistics , and Research, which collaborated with divisions and unions to [...] 14:6-12), and to prepare the world for Christ’s soon return.” Artur Stele, a general vice president of the General Conference, who introduced the updated statement, said the wording is meant to more precisely

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A new worship center is becoming a Center of Influence in Costa Rica

the proper channels, starting with its regional union, the Inter-American Division and the General Conference, he said. It’s been nearly two years since the small group grew into what is LoveHouse [...] South Central Costa Rica Conference which is comprised of 81 churches in San Jose, Costa Rica. The facility has a main auditorium that can fit 250 people, eight rooms and offices, a kitchen and fellowship [...] worship on Friday evenings and Saturdays eight months ago. Affiliated with the church’s South Central Conference, the center began offering a number of classes and activities last month. The concept of LoveHouse

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“Extraordinary Tithe” continues to fund mission

World church treasurer updates leaders on family’s large unexpected tithe return.

congregation to a local conference. From there portions are sent to the local union, division and finally to the General Conference. “The matter was presented to the General Conference Executive Committee [...] “The variance from policy was voted, and then the General Conference Treasury was authorized to receive the tithe funds.” Research in General Conference archives has confirmed that this is the only variance [...] been received by the General Conference Treasury and most have been applied to various parts of the world for kingdom-building activities and projects as well as to General Conference initiatives. The allocation

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