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World Church: Be Relevant to Community Needs, Health Experts Challenge

improvement, and lifelong weight management. Pastor Jan Paulsen, Seventh-day Adventist Church world president, is expected to address participants at the conference’s conclusion. “What you see

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Adventist Church Commemorates World AIDS Day, Calls on Local Churches to Support Victims

loving…” said Paulsen. “It doesn’t cost much, and I hope we will do it.” This year there were 5 million new cases of HIV reported—700,000 of them children, according to Charles Sandefur, president

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ANN Feature: Conductor Blomstedt Says Music Is His Sermon

, Blomstedt received the “Order of Merit” from Dr. Johannes Rau, president of the Republic of Germany. Rau praised Blomstedt for his work in representing Germany on overseas tours and for enhancing

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Ecuador: Soccer and Evangelism

president, who was on a recent visit to South America. The church in South America bears a testimony to a reality of “meeting people where they are,” Paulsen said, and particularly those experiencing

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St. Louis, Missouri to Host Seventh-day Adventist Church 2005 World Session

The world session of the Seventh-day Adventist Church will bring an international flavor to St. Louis, Missouri, the heart of the United States of America. The gathering will be representative of the 25 million-strong Adventist family from around the globe, and will meet under a theme of...

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South America Launches Evangelism Program for 2004

“As you sit together to plan your activities and engage in motivating everyone in the church…do this as a response to God’s call to His church…for this is not a man-made plan of action—this is God’s plan for finishing the work and the redemption for the world,” Seventh-day Adventist church presiden...

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World Church: Facing a Climate of Change

Some 2,600 people join the Seventh-day Adventist Church every day—that’s just about two people per minute. With a current membership of around 13 million, this means rapid growth—and much change—for the church worldwide. In a March 2003 evaluation of how change affects the church today, Lowell...

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United Kingdom: Adventists, Others Concerned Over Proposed 'Religious Hatred' Law

from Blunkett’s press office. Responding to the proposed move—which has drawn criticism from local Muslim and evangelical Christian leaders, among others—Pastor Cecil Perry, president of the Seventh

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United States: Pioneering Cancer Treatment Center Named After Founder

.” Pastor Lowell Cooper, chairman of the LLUMC board and a vice president of the Adventist world church said the board chose to rename the center after Dr. Slater because, “He is the one who lead

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Romania: Adventist national ad campaign declares Bible reading a must

from her in her office, she recalls. “What can be more than 60,000 euros?” Lospa asked him. He explained that as president of the largest billboard advertising company in Romania, 60 percent of the country’s outdoor

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