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Questions on the Document Voted at #GCAC18

ADCOM, the General Conference and Division Officers Committee (GCDO), and finally the GC Executive Committee. Is a Division of the Church a separate entity from the General Conference? No [...] are comprised of conferences (or, in some cases, churches) make up the General Conference. Divisions are not separate constituent organizations but are part of the General Conference itself and therefore [...] Following Sunday’s vote on the document “Regard for and Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions”, many questions have been asked about the meaning of the

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Harmony with the World Church

Background given for voted document

On Sunday, October 14, the General Conference (GC) Executive Committee approved a document, Regard for and Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions [...] harmony with the policies of the General Conference and of the divisions respectively. B 15 15 Officers/Administrators to Work in Harmony with Policy —Officers and administrators are expected to [...] Document is Legal Following Trim’s presentation, Karnik Doukmetzian, general counsel for the General Conference and the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, affirmed that

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Adventist Church presents new ‘I Will Go’ strategic plan

Annual Council delegates approve an updated mission statement.

Council and, if approved, be implemented from the 2020 General Conference Session. “We present this at Annual Council two years before General Conference Session so union presidents can look at it and become [...] draft is the result of many hours of work and is based on a worldwide survey by the General Conference’s Office of Archives, Statistics , and Research, which collaborated with divisions and unions to [...] 14:6-12), and to prepare the world for Christ’s soon return.” Artur Stele, a general vice president of the General Conference, who introduced the updated statement, said the wording is meant to more precisely

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New mission textbook launches at fall Annual Council

Institute of World Mission partners with Adventist Theological Seminary to produce manual

conclude this project.” Kuhn then presented Church officers with a gift copy of the book and invited Ted N C Wilson, president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, to pray, dedicating the [...] A new Adventist missions textbook is now available, thanks to the results of a study the Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research (ASTR) for the Adventist Church performed just a few years ago. The

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“Extraordinary Tithe” continues to fund mission

World church treasurer updates leaders on family’s large unexpected tithe return.

congregation to a local conference. From there portions are sent to the local union, division and finally to the General Conference. “The matter was presented to the General Conference Executive Committee [...] “The variance from policy was voted, and then the General Conference Treasury was authorized to receive the tithe funds.” Research in General Conference archives has confirmed that this is the only variance [...] been received by the General Conference Treasury and most have been applied to various parts of the world for kingdom-building activities and projects as well as to General Conference initiatives. The allocation

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Adventist Church embarks on ‘New Era’ in missionary work

Church leaders approve a new phase of the missionary program.

that the General Conference chose this great city of Tokyo,” said Si Young Kim, president of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division. Tom Lemon, a general vice president of the General Conference, said he [...] Financing for the program will come from existing funds earmarked for foreign missionaries. Currently, the General Conference distributes funds for foreign missionaries to each of the 13 world divisions, and the [...] has repeated for decades in the Adventist Church, will expand under a plan approved by the General Conference’s Mission Board on Oct. 5. Rather than only following the traditional method of identifying

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Treasury report emphasizes accountability, faithfulness in the use of funds

Juan Prestol-Puesán says the church is extremely careful in managing church monies.

Wahlen. The General Conference and the 13 church divisions around the world have already completed their reports, and it is expected that by 2019 union conferences, as well as local conferences and missions [...] The Seventh-day Adventist Church takes the use of church monies very seriously, said General Conference treasurer Juan Prestol-Puesán in presenting the Treasury Report on October 14, 2018. Prestol-Puesán’s [...] and providing a meaningful support service to the regions and programs that interact with the General Conference. Other objectives Prestol-Puesán mentioned include continuing allocations for operational

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Church leaders get a lesson on marmite and mission

Adventist Mission director Gary Krause looks back at his childhood food to explain how mission work has developed over the past 155 years.

Seventh-day Adventist Church started with a similar mindset, world church leaders heard at LEAD Conference, a pre-Annual Council gathering focusing on church pioneers in Battle Creek, Michigan. In [...] Adventist Church has had a change in its focus of mission over the years,” Krause, now director of the Office of Adventist Mission, said in a presentation called “To the Ends of the Earth.” Along the way [...] traveled to Europe in 1874); the Sabbath School mission offering (collected by the Upper Columbia Conference in the United States in 1885 to send missionaries to Australia); and the first Thirteenth Sabbath

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2018 Secretary’s Report highlights mission

Report emphasizes Seventh-day Adventist mandate to mission

Mission. Krause highlighted several entities that make up the mission family at the General Conference. These include the Office of Archives, Statistics and Research (ASTR) , Inter-Division Service Employees

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“The Past with A Future---Looking Back to Move Forward Led by God”

2018 Annual Council Sermon

on God to avoid great and overwhelming deception. In the Ellen G White Estate offices at the General Conference headquarters, a large painting called “Christ of the Narrow Way” portrays God’s people [...] of the recent July 2018 Global Youth Leaders Congress in Kassel, Germany, organized by our General Conference Youth Ministries Department and division leaders. It was thrilling to see such committed young [...] the Lord is turning people’s hearts to Him and Bible truth. In January of this year, senior General Conference leadership met near Cancun, Mexico, for an annual planning meeting in a location often used

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