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Highlights of publishing restructuring plan in North America

Proposal approved June 17 affects Review and Herald, Pacific Press publishers

remain a General Conference institution. RHPA will move from Hagerstown, Maryland, to the General Conference office in Silver Spring, Maryland. The RHPA office at the General Conference will require [...] if any, since editors of General Conference publications are already employees of the General Conference. RHPA will function as the publisher for current General Conference publications and as the publisher [...] from the General Conference and intended for global use. RHPA will arrange for the printing, production and, where necessary, distribution of materials published by the General Conference. Normally

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Update: Unity Oversight Committee Continues to Gather Data

Meetings have already taken place in 3 regions of the World Church, others have been scheduled.

committee on how to address the issue of compliance with voted actions of General Conference Sessions and of the General Conference Executive Committee. In addition, Division leaders are ­­invited to submit [...] The General Conference (GC) Unity Oversight Committee recently provided the following update to members of the GC Executive Committee through its Executive Committee Newsletter . The General Conference [...] designed by the world church’s Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research (ASTR), and is being administered by its staff. Dialogue meetings with world division leaders are currently taking place. During these

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Church officials say Pacific Union vote on ordination preempts study process

Leaders issue response; Pacific Union’s vote follows Columbia Union’s similar action

Wilson, President General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists G. T. Ng, Secretary General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Robert E. Lemon, Treasurer General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists [...] of the general process accepted and voted by General Conference administrators and personnel, division officers, and pastors and lay members from all the world divisions who serve on the General Conference [...] in another recent public statement by General Conference officers and division presidents, the General Conference Executive Committee will carefully review the situation and determine how to respond. In

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General Conference Corporation Board reviews and refines investment practices

property holding body of the General Conference—met on March 20, 2018 to review and refine current investment practices of the General Conference. The General Conference Investment Management Committee [...] professional, fiduciary, prudent and consistent manner.” The Committee adds that, “as a general rule, the General Conference follows the ‘Prudent Investor Rule’ of maintaining a highly diversified investment [...] The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC) has reaffirmed its longstanding commitment to making investments consistent wth its ethical and fiduciary commitments. The GC Corporation Board—the

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GC Session 101: A look inside the Nominating Committee

Understanding the process of choosing leadership for the Adventist Church.

treasurers, division officers, officers of the General Conference Auditing Service, and leaders of the General Conference departments. In other words, if a delegate is currently serving in a position [...] president is elected, the committee selects names for the General Conference secretary and General Conference treasurer. After the General Conference Officers have been elected, the committee selects names for [...] at the General Conference Session. Also, delegates selected to serve on the nominating committee cannot be elected officials of the General Conference. These officials include General Conference and Division

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Executive Committee

the General Conference and transacts regular Executive Committee business. Who is on the Executive Committee? Leaders of Denomination Organizational Structures General Conference President General Conference [...] Church, after General Conference Session, which occurs every five years. In between Sessions, the Executive Committee is delegated the authority to act on behalf of the General Conference in Session. It [...] called anytime by the ranking officer of the General Conference. Major items affecting the world Church are also considered at the Annual Council meetings. Local conference/mission/field presidents are

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Church leaders issue ‘An Appeal for Oneness in Christ’

Responding to Columbia Union Conference action, unity is stressed

and 1995 decisions of the General Conference in Session respecting the practice of ordination.” Moreover, General Conference leaders indicated the Columbia Union Conference action could bring consequences [...] Union Conference Constituency Meeting Action to ordain pastors “ without regard to gender ."  The Columbia Union Conference action, the statement said, “is not in harmony with General Conference Working [...] for restraint. “The officers of the General Conference and the division presidents again appeal to all entities, organizations, and individuals, including the Columbia Union Conference, to refrain from

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Church governance and unity to be discussed at Annual Council

General Conference secretariat asks church leaders to consider two documents on the issue.

of the General Conference’s Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research, which is part of Secretariat and assisted in researching and drafting them. Secretariat oversees the General Conference’s working [...] how best to address divergence from the current policy,” General Conference executive secretary G.T. Ng said Friday in an e-mail to members of the General Conference Executive Committee, comprised of church [...] General Conference Secretariat has released two documents about church governance and unity that are to be considered by church leadership at the Annual Council business meeting in October. The main document

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Leaders elect staff for church offices during Annual Council

Large appointee list typical for autumn meetings following Session

retired General Conference vice president Mark Haynal, president of Canadian University College Eugene Hsu, retired General Conference vice president Gerry D. Karst, retired General Conference vice [...] confirmed by General Conference Secretariat. ( Click here for the list of appointees from this summer's General Conference Session) Associate Secretary Gary D. Krause General Field Secretaries [...] While top church officers and departmental staff are elected at a General Conference Session, held every five years, the Seventh-day Adventist Church typically elects nominees or reappoints incumbents

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A division territory’s self-evaluation comes amid other changes

Why the Adventist Church’s oldest division territory is actually one of the newest

locale and administrative links also remain between NAD and the General Conference. The NAD office is located in the General Conference building in the city of Silver Spring in the U.S. state of Maryland [...] Additionally, the NAD secretary and treasurer are also General Conference associate secretary and associate treasurer, in accordance with the General Conference Bylaws. “In ways you don’t even think about there [...] denomination's Office of Archives, Statistics and Research. In 1913, the “North American Division Conference” was formed, but was later disbanded in 1918. It wasn’t until 1950 that General Conference officers

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