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Thank you, Adventist Church for properly recognizing mental health issues

emotional distress. What some people might not realize is that that many front-line professionals addressing mental health are social workers. Pioneers in Adventist social work education such as Dr. Edith Fraser – who presented at the conference – have led to the development of academic...

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Research shows that relationships are the best form of evangelism

and she prayed for me for years. Finally, I decided to take God seriously.” Someone else remembers that it was a co-worker that invited him to church so many years ago. The figure I usually hear for the influence of moms, dads, friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers is usually between 70...

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Be able to tell your own mission stories

enough to say we will be missionaries in Anytown, USA, Australia or Germany, but is that where we are most needed? Though regional workers must certainly help share the gospel in their own areas [...] ), the regional workers carry a heavy load and pray earnestly for missionaries. If you...

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Problems with Adventist futurism

of a few of this class of persons, the whole body of Sabbath keepers will be designated as bigoted, pharisaical, and fanatical. The work of the truth, because of these workers, will be thought

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If a tree falls…

, humanitarian workers and others by beheading them on camera. More recently, cameras captured the violent assault on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo and more than 1 million French citizens marched

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The Industrial Age of churches and ministries is over

wave of bounty that workers and businesses got as a result of rising productivity but imperfect market communication. In short: if you're local, we need to buy from you. If you work in town, we need

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A deeper response to a deeper disaster

In the wake of the Haiti earthquake, much attention has been given to various outspoken commentators who have wanted to lay responsibility for the disaster and devastation on either God or the devil. But the immediate aftermath of such an event is probably not the most useful circumstance in which...

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10th Abuse Prevention Emphasis Sabbath is August 27

social worker with limited resources recently opened a shelter that now treats dozens of women emerging from substance abuse and domestic violence. Another Adventist church has committed to distributing

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Denomination's first emotional health conference seeks to destigmatize mental illness

Emotional problems are amongst the most challenging and pervasive difficulties faced by our world today. In the church, there is still progress to be made in understanding the role of emotional health and abolishing the stigma of emotional imbalance. In October, the Seventh-day Adventist Church...

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