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Inter-America to embark in comprehensive evangelism and discipleship efforts

Adventist Church from throughout the Inter-American Division (IAD) began their mid-year annual business meetings this week. They are reviewing membership growth figures and voting major evangelism initiatives [...] divisions,” said Pastor Leonard Johnson, executive secretary of the church in Inter-America, as the meetings began. “That means IAD represents 17 percent of the world church membership.” In previous years [...] initiative include achieving at least a 70 percent of members of the church to experience a personal revived and transformed life in Christ, fully involved in mission outreach within their local communities

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Church members on mission for God in Tampa

Local Adventists continue to work after Breath of Life summer revival

Together, they are visiting contacts from the Breath of Life summer evangelistic revival who were never baptized. Although the revival netted 117 baptisms, follow up continues with those who may still be willing [...] and evangelism during the Breath of Life (BOL) summer revival in Tampa. While Carlton P. Byrd, Breath of Life speaker/director, was the nightly revival speaker, local members from the various Adventist churches [...] present before and during the revival. Truman and Brooks, aligned with Breath of Life Bible instructors, went door to door “fishing” for prospective attendees for the revival. They then worked with the

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Adventist Leaders Get in Shape in Jamaica

Global Leadership Summit makes the church’s health message practical.

and other exercises. In the evenings, many delegates are preaching at evangelistic meetings. About 500 meetings are being held at the end of an island-wide outreach initiative that had a major health [...] involved in revival and reformation, helping our church members engage in Total Member Involvement, pointing people to Christ and His second coming.” The Global Leadership Summit — which meets every February

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Adventist Ministries Convention seeks to help church leaders and members serve as Body of Christ

Theme “Stronger United: Many Voice, One Vision” permeates training and networking event.

healthy leadership and management — God’s stewards insisting on personal and church-wide excellence; revival and transformation — connecting with God through public and personal worship; and stewardship — inspire [...] fund the message of hope and wholeness. Many NAD ministry departments also conducted advisory meetings — intense half-day or full-day sessions — devoted to addressing challenges, showcasing new resources [...] "Praying Our Way Through! An Adventist Ministries Pre-Convention Event," a special prayer services meeting. Before the opening general session on Sunday night, NAD Stewardship showed the movie The Mysterious

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President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Ted N.C. Wilson, calls for prayer ahead of the 2018 Annual Council.

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, recorded calling for prayer ahead of the Annual Council Meetings in Battle Creek, Michigan. Greetings to each of you as members of the Seventh-day Adventist [...] God’s Advent movement. Soon the Annual Council of the General Conference Executive Committee will meet in Battle Creek, Michigan, with the theme of “Reach the World—Believe His Prophets” and our LEAD [...] Him, seeking His face, and turning from my own inclinations and I ask you to do the same. We need revival and reformation in our own lives and in the life of the church. We need to increase our complete

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“The Past with A Future---Looking Back to Move Forward Led by God”

2018 Annual Council Sermon

leadership met near Cancun, Mexico, for an annual planning meeting in a location often used by the Inter-American Division for various meetings. The event coordinator for many of these programs is Jorge [...] turning people back to the true worship of God in preparation for Christ’s soon coming. As we meet in Battle Creek, many are paying tribute to our pioneers today by wearing 19 th century-looking [...] has led us, and His teaching in our past history.” This is one of the primary reasons we are meeting for the 2018 Annual Council in Battle Creek where our church was nurtured and had so many evidences

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After Japan, major evangelistic drive planned for Northern Asia

Evangelistic meetings will be held at 2,019 sites across the Northern Asia-Pacific Division in 2019.

midyear meetings in Sapporo, Japan. Kim praised God for the baptisms and said church members were especially blessed during preparations for the meetings. “People have experienced a spiritual revival through [...] Japan’s unprecedented evangelistic meetings are only the beginning. Seventh-day Adventist leaders now intend to hold evangelistic meetings at 2,019 sites across the entire Northern Pacific-Asia Division [...] 2019. Division leaders approved the ambitious plan during midyear meetings on May 22-24, just as the bulk of Japan’s evangelistic meetings wrapped up. The Northern Pacific-Asia Division, whose territory

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Chisinau youth organize unique Prayer Week

They smashed a stereotype in the process.

thank God and the organizers of these meetings. How wonderful it is to meet the dawn with the Lord and with dear brothers and sisters from the church. Such meetings raise our spirituality and unite the [...] good to arrange such meetings more often." "I'm so thankful to God for giving me the incentive to participate with the youth at these morning meetings. Thanks to these meetings, I learned a lot by listening [...] beginning. I experienced a real revival and now I feel more zeal for serving God. I felt the blessing and beauty of the morning, when the first thing you do after awakening is meet with the Lord, admiring His

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Medical Cadet Corps to be revitalized

MCC also trains cadets to serve in their local communities

A historic meeting for the revitalization of the Medical Cadet Corps (MCC) program took place from April 30-May 2 in Levittown, Puerto Rico. The purpose of the meeting was to provide training for MCC officers [...] officers who are currently involved in the program, and to initiate other leaders who are interested in reviving the MCC in their regions. “The MCC program originally helped Adventist servicemen serve according [...] was discussed, and attendees attended a demonstration drill by the cadets. As a result of these meetings, the General Conference voted to adopt the plan of military medical training. It was named the

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Adventist Church makes strides in world’s biggest cities

Eighty churches and 15 “centers of influence” open in cities of more than 1 million people.

presentation on the progress of Mission to the Cities, a church key initiative, to the two-day Spring Meeting of world church leaders at the Adventist Church’s headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. “The [...] faster than our realization of the challenge,” Krause said on April 10, the opening day of Spring Meeting. With more than half of the world’s population of 7.4 billion living in cities, the Adventist Church [...] donations and the Annual Sacrifice Offering . 4,000 Women in South Africa At Spring Meeting, several world church department leaders described their roles in furthering Mission to the Cities

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