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2019 Annual Council Begins with LEAD & Youth Ministries

retention rate in the whole of the church. This is an important ministry.” Blanchard gave the devotional, focused on the motto of the Department of Youth Ministries: Pass it on. He said all young people

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Generous Pathfinders support mission, share talent

elders that stretched out across the front of the stage. In her final address, the evening devotional speaker, Melissa Myklebust, emphasised that the Exodus theme of the Camporee still continued as

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Half of Polish baptisms generated from one, special campground

is a little taste of heaven.” Pastor Sam Gungaloo from the UK would agree. He was morning devotional speaker for the first half of camp meeting and partly put the success of the event down to giving [...] share Jesus on YouTube . Other youth and adults are doing the same – and during the Friday morning devotional period that focused on Communicating Jesus via social media, hundreds of campers pulled out their [...] their mobile phones to dedicate them in service to the Lord. Pastor Victor Hulbert, morning devotional speaker for the second part of the week, used a series of presentations to first encourage campers

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Unexpected pregnancy changes Polish Mother’s heart

In a surprise, two sons arrive in her home

want him in our family forever,” he wrote. Halina decided to take early retirement so she could devote all her time to Dawid. The Polish government, however, informed Halina that a woman in her mid-50s

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Hundreds attend NAD Myanmar Convention in Indiana

10 Adventist Myanmar congregations have formed in the Lake Union Conference during the past 10 years.

Brain Addictions" by Bill Wells "Science and Christian Faith" by Rahel Wells "A Healthier Devotional Life" by Rosangpuia Fanai "Why Adventist?" by Bill Wells "Entrepreneurship: Starting

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Adventist Review receives ‘Best in Class’ Award

Associated Church Press gives flagship magazine its top award for the first time

Adventist World and KidsView have collected dozens of awards for excellence in feature writing, devotional articles, editorials, magazine design, and creative new products.” This year, for the first

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#Ask2019 in Southern Asia-Pacific region readies and equips Adventist millennials for leadership

Youth are encouraged to ask for wisdom and faith as they face the challenges of their generation

for young people to integrate into the life of their churches. Regular morning and evening devotionals, led by various speakers, were also part of the summit. During the evening sessions, delegates [...] and learn lessons from their different faith journey’s. In an interview, one of the evening devotional speakers, Wilson Aritonang from Indonesia, explained, "The whole purpose of asking from God is

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Annual Adventist-sponsored dinner honors religious liberty advocates, supporters

The 17th annual Religious Liberty Dinner was held in Washington D.C. on May 20.

good. IRFA is a division of the Center for Public Justice, an independent, nonpartisan organization devoted to policy research and civic education. “He teaches us through IRFA, which he founded over a

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Empowering women through education

Education gives a voice to many women around the world

annual devotional book to raise fuds for the fund. The devotional is special because it is written by women for women. This year’s theme is ‘In His Presence’. To purchase the devotional, donate

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Church invests in technology to get closer to people

More than 300 professionals from local Adventist institutions came together to discuss how to further leverage technology to bring people to Christ.

churches to function well," says Eliezer Magalhães, director of IATec. In addition to the devotions, lectures, workshops and the opportunity to meet colleagues from different places, the group also

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Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are meant to permeate your whole life. Growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of God, you are invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us whole.

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