News Bulletin 15 - Visions of Daniel: An Overview

Ancient News March 4, 2020

While Medo-Persia is still processing the death of long-term statesman, Daniel, reports have indicated that certain prophetic writings of the late Daniel have been discovered and given to the Hebrew exiles for safe-keeping, but not without some access to them first by Babylonian analysts. It appears that while he was known to have interpreted the dreams of kings with the help of YAHWEH, Daniel was given some prophetic dreams of his own by his God. We have heard so much about Daniel’s public life but it seems we may now be taking a journey into His private life.

In keeping with the dreams of former Babylonian monarch, Nebuchadnezzar, seem downright terrifying at first glance. No wonder he kept them to himself, and obeyed the instruction from YAHWEH to “seal [some of] them up for the end-times.”

I wonder what times those would be?

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