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The Southern Asia Division (SUD) is comprised of four countries: Bhutan, India, the Maldives and Nepal. It has more than 4,000 churches in a population of about 1.2 billion.

Hope TV India started in 2008 in the southeastern city of Chennai. This is the first Adventist television channel in the country and is broadcast 24/7. Hope Channel programs are available in Hindi, Tamil, English, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu.

India has the largest membership of this division. The Adventist Church in this country operates six educational entities and 12 health institutions.

Church structure began to grow around clinics and hospitals founded by early missionaries. Today this is still the case in many areas in this division. In Nepal, Scheer Memorial Hospital is a major regional healthcare institution in Banepa, just outside of Kathmandu. The country recently adopted a secular constitution, which expanded religious freedom.

Many supporting ministries of the Adventist Church also operate institutions.  Asian Aid School for the Blind in Bobbili, Andhra Pradesh, enrolls about 100 students, many of whom are orphans.

In Indonesia, ADRA assisting displaced families after volcano eruption

In Indonesia, ADRA assisting displaced families after volcano eruption

Nov 08, 2010

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is delivering assistance to one of the areas closest to the site of the October 26 eruption of...


Adventist health publication in India turns 100

Adventist health publication in India turns 100

Jan 31, 2010

The staff of the oldest health magazine still in print in India celebrated 100 years of publication earlier this month, releasing a centennial issue...


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