Seventh-day Adventists are #UnitedinPrayer for freedom for the #NigeriaGirls

July 9-16, 2014, we joined together online, praying for one of the kidnapped girls each hour. Thank you for joining us once an hour as we lifted up each of these girls by name. As the days go on, choose a few girls from the list below to continue praying for in your time with God.

Gloria M.Kauna K.Deborah P.Aishatu G.Sarah
Rhoda P.MwaDeborah B.Laraba J.Rebecca K.
Saratu M.Ladi I.MuwaRuth J.Debora
SolomiNaomi Z.Lydia H.SalomiMary Y
Naomi A.Helen Rifkatu Y.Yana P.Febi
Deborah G.Hauwa M.Ruth I.Rifkatu S.Awa B.
Lydia S.Awa J.MuliJummal J.Ihyi
Saraya A.Rejoice M.Na'omi B.Hauwa A.Ladi P.
ComfortRuth B.Hauwa I.PalmataLydia E.
Mary A.SerahRebecaKauna L.Patiance
YankeSaraya L.Hanatu I.Hauwa T.Hauwa B.
Esther A.Mary M.Luggwa N.Esther S.Rehap
FatimaGraceKummaiZaraHauwa P
Ruth A.ConfortMargret S.LugwaSaratu E
Rifkatu A.LiyatuEsther J.Mairama Y.Ruth L.
YayiHauwa W.Mary D.Yana B.Rejoice S.
BlessingKabuSaraya P.Tabitha P.Esther U.
MonicaMagret Y.FaltaSuzanaRahila B.
Mairama A.RakiyaDeborah A.Mary S.Na'omi L.
KumeRuth N.Naomi P.Saraya S.Luggwa S.
Maryamu W.Ladi J.Hauwa Y.Maryamu L.Juliana 
Jummal P.Mary K.PindarAsabe M.Mary U.
JunkaiNgubaRhoda J.Hanatu M.Saraya Y.
Laraba M.Rahila Y.Gloria D.KwanduguHamsatu
Yana Y.Tabitha H.TalataAsabe A.Amina
EliHalimaHauwa L.Laraba P.Aisha L.
Saraya M.Maryamu M.Rebecca M.HadizaTabitha S.
HaulAwa A.Rifkatu G.Na'omi Y.Sicker
AwaganaMaifaSaratu D.DocasMaryamu B
Hauwa S.Deborah J.Aisha E.Deborah S.Maryamu
Deborah M.AbigailGodiyaMary P.Ruth K.
Yana J.AnthoniaHanaRachealFilo
Aishatu M.Esther M.MaimunaHauwa K.Christiana
KwantaSafiyaRebecca L.Ladi W.Margret W.
GloryChristyHauwa H.HasanaSaratu A.
Hauwa N.Laraba Y.Hanatu N.Unnamed Unnamed

Rarely do we witness a story emerging in news reports that is so universally abhorrent as the world has witnessed in the mass kidnapping of over 270 girls from a school in northern Nigeria. When armed militants from a terrorist group rounded up the girls it was first under the pretense of moving them to safety. But according to accounts of some of the 53 girls who escaped, they were threatened with both forced marriage as well as being sold into slavery.

While millions around the world have been moved to march and to protest and to join in a social media campaign calling for the safe return of the girls there are several key reasons for Seventh-day Adventists to lend their prayerful efforts to their plight.

This kidnapping is a single event that infringes on several highly held values of Seventh-day Adventists including religious liberty, violence against women, education and human rights. 

Since the establishment of the International Religious Liberty Association in 1893 Seventh-day Adventists have fought for religious liberty, believing that every human being has the right to practice their religious belief or even to choose not to believe. It has never been a matter of whether the belief aligns with our own it has simply been the assertion that people must be free to practice and to choose their own faith.

The apparent forced conversion of these kidnapped girls from Christianity to Islam not only violates our principles of religious liberty, but also that of Muslims around the world. 

In 2009 the Seventh-day Adventist Church launched the enditnow campaign to end violence against women and girls. The idea was to raise awareness of the fact that violence against women is an issue not only in the community, but also in the church. All were called to see this as unacceptable. The campaign raised nearly five hundred thousand signatures around the world in the process.

Every signature registered in the enditnow campaign can now become a voice calling for the freedom of the stolen girls.

Education is a value that the Seventh-day Adventist Church lives and demonstrates every day. With more than 1.5 million students in its 7,600 schools in over 100 countries around the world the Adventist church has demonstrated that the education of boys and girls alike is a matter of utmost importance.

For the Seventh-day Adventist the view on human rights flows from a belief that men and women alike were created in the image of God and because of this every human being must be treated with the dignity and respect that God’s image deserves. God created humanity with the freedom choose. God takes this freedom so seriously that it extends to the ability to reject God himself, if we so choose. Whenever human freedom is treated with so little regard and human life with so much disdain we should all be moved.

As a church that has come to value religious liberty, education, human rights and that has encouraged awareness of the problem of violence against women, and has demonstrated these values in tangible ways we, we now issue a call to prayer. 

Although none of the girls are a member of our faith community, they are still our sisters and our daughters. Whether we live near the West African country of Nigeria or on the other side of the planet, their families are our neighbors.

You are invited to join us in a campaign of prayer for the freedom of the kidnapped girls of Nigeria.


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